Come sit on the porch awhile. Enjoy a glass of sweet iced tea as you peruse my thoughts, memories, dreams and images of family and friends - things trivial and not so trivial - past, present and future. I write and post for the simple pleasure of doing so. If you reap some small amount of pleasure from what you find here please come back again soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Promises, Promises

Today, as has been the case in the many days passed, I promised myself to start blogging again.
No matter who or what is hollering, "Me Next!" the loudest. And so here I am, in our home office with the door closed while my husband entertains - by himself this time - his son and two year old granddaughter that just dropped by unexpectedly.
They'll be okay without me. They've found themselves something to eat and drink. And I hear a little small voice saying Papaw this and Papaw that. She probably prefers that I am not hovering over her making sure everything is okay.
I can also hear through the door that she is giving her dad the run around. He's saying "Lena no, Lena come here, Lena don't do that," and "Lena if you really don't have to poop this time you're in trouble!"
 And then she wimpers the little wimper that says but daddy you love me cause I'm so cute. And he picks her up and says, "Ohhhh, Lena" then laughs when she answers, "Zip it." Some day that little quip won't be as cute as it was today.
Well it's a start - this little bit of nonsense. What can I say at least I am blogging again, just like I promised myself.
And I'll be back soon...I promise you. There's good old porch stuff to share and some stuff that isn't on the porch but might make you wish you were, he, he, ha,
For now I must go. My daughter is having a get together afterwhile- tacos at her house - and I get to see the other two year old, plus the pre-teen, plus the 21 year old and maybe even the boyfriend. Well...I do love tacos!