Come sit on the porch awhile. Enjoy a glass of sweet iced tea as you peruse my thoughts, memories, dreams and images of family and friends - things trivial and not so trivial - past, present and future. I write and post for the simple pleasure of doing so. If you reap some small amount of pleasure from what you find here please come back again soon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My heart is a chameleon

My heart is a it is blue...soaring with the hawk...up high, way above the tree tops, near the clear blue sky....calling to the wind, calling "Come wind, come lift me higher!" Lift me to where the dark emptiness is...and there I will spirit with you among the stars...for a short while.

My heart is a it is silver tipped brown grey white furry...eyes yellow shining in the dark...feet nimble running through the forests, muscles fleet leaping across green mossy logs...stopping now for cool clear gurgling moisture, lapping, lapping, silent soft air breathing hearing scenting...sustenance is near.

My heart is a chameleon...tonight with my own kind it is aggressive blood red lust ripping tearing...merciful death lighting quick neck gushing exposed silent...we eat we live we love we birth we are family...souls free of sin natural surviving...ebbing flowing through winters white and summers green...leave us to our world...we are we are we are wolf.

My heart is a it is light wispy white...a wish simply a be free of burdens dark grey naked worry more no soul struggles and will be free...and I will run through the dark forests gladly and drink the clear waters with great thirst and eat raw and live free...and be at last who I truly am.

A Few Very Short Stories By Me

~ Momma? I'm busy! What do you want? Nothing. Ever.

~ Mommy? Yes honey? Laptime story. Bread burns. Oh well.

~ Rocky waits at the door. I come home soon.

~ Rocky waits at the door. I come home sooner...or later. Tail wags always.

~ Rocky stretches, yawns, wags. We go walking now.

~ Crawls under bed. Warm water waits. Where's Rocky?

~ We're busy ma'am, what do you want? Nothing.

~ We're busy ma'am, what do you want? I'll come back. Not!

~ Google search: "Bible Women". Gyrating hips. Ignore ads. Can't do that. Goes outside to garden.

~ Dot, dot, dot. Why do you always say that? I don't know, they're just fun...

~ "Oakes grow tall. Muscadines vine around branches. Bees hide honey in hollows." Big hand holds little hand. Grandpa loves me.