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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back on the Porch, Wishing To Be A Little Girl Again

Wanda Reed is a very special new friend who has given me the greatest gifts of all...inspiration, hope and kindness. We met at the health center where she works and where I have been going, trying to regain some of the strength I have lost during the past year. Wanda has shared with me kind conversation as well as her very special talent. She is a country gospel singer/songwriter and has just released a compact disc featuring songs written by herself and her mother. This spirit filled music reminds me of the songs I heard during my childhood while attending old fashioned gospel Baptist churches with my mother and grandmother. I love singing along with her songs when riding in my car...while all alone of course...Wanda has a much greater talent than I do, thank you Lord!

In her own words:
"This CD has a very special place in my heart because it comes from the heart. Nine of the eleven songs on this CD were written by me, with the strong inspiration of Jesus Christ. Without Him, I could do nothing. The other two songs were written by my Mother, Elizabeth Keck, and Dorothy Keck Davenport, and were arranged by me. I hope you can find some inspiration in some part of this work." Wanda Reed

To hear a sampling of Wanda's talent go to:

*The CD cover photo features Wanda now and as a little girl. It is published here with Wanda's consent.

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