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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Few Very Short Stories By Me

~ Momma? I'm busy! What do you want? Nothing. Ever.

~ Mommy? Yes honey? Laptime story. Bread burns. Oh well.

~ Rocky waits at the door. I come home soon.

~ Rocky waits at the door. I come home sooner...or later. Tail wags always.

~ Rocky stretches, yawns, wags. We go walking now.

~ Crawls under bed. Warm water waits. Where's Rocky?

~ We're busy ma'am, what do you want? Nothing.

~ We're busy ma'am, what do you want? I'll come back. Not!

~ Google search: "Bible Women". Gyrating hips. Ignore ads. Can't do that. Goes outside to garden.

~ Dot, dot, dot. Why do you always say that? I don't know, they're just fun...

~ "Oakes grow tall. Muscadines vine around branches. Bees hide honey in hollows." Big hand holds little hand. Grandpa loves me.

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